Aroma Kava Sucks

Aroma Kava sucks, everytime I go there the coffee and tea is horrible. I’ve tried different things, and have had no success. The tea is literally just water with crap added, and the coffee is made from shit and water mixed together. What confuses me so much is that this place is so popular, and I don’t understand why. It’s like the Starbucks of Ukraine, everything is extremely overpriced. But at least at Starbucks, their coffees and Frappuchinos taste good. Not at Aroma Kava. This place sucks balls, I’m at the place right now as I am writing this review, and I swear I am never coming here again. It seems like everything that is popular in the world is a sham. Just like the IPhone. Steve Jobs even forbade his own kids from using it because he knew it would turn them into mindless zombies. No one at this place speaks English! And it is the most “popular” place to get coffee in Ukraine! WTF! 0/5 Stars

PS. I just gave the tea I bought from Aroma Kava to a homeless man on the street. He needs hot tea much more than I do.🙂

2016 is the year of Feminist Propaganda

Bad Moms 2016:


In this film young single moms are praised as people who are amazing and happy only when they completely ignore their kids, don’t go to any of their games, don’t provide for them, and sleep around as much as possible. All of their husbands are portrayed as losers in the film (because all men are evil), and women are encouraged to do drugs, drink alcohol while pregnant, and fuck as many guys in the club as possible with no commitment- and they will be happy. This is the message american culture sends to the single moms of america. No wonder why the country is so broken.

The reality:

Single moms are women who fucked the high school drop out drug dealer who is in prison now. They fucked all the time in the school bathroom and he abused her all the time. She went on the fuck every guy in high school and became a slut. She chose the bad boy over the nice guy who wanted to provide for her. She only likes bad boys who are complete idiots with no money, no future, and no brain. So this film is the extension of that same crazy girl who fucked everyone in high school, and 15 years later, became a feminist who hates men because the drug dealer left her, and can’t get over it. Old habits die hard, and you guessed it, she still wants to be a useless piece of shit slut and fuck every bad boy out there while extremely intoxicated.

This feminist cunt wrote an article about the movie, I suggest you read it:

This girl was the inspiration for the film:

Ghostbusters 2016:


In this steaming pile of shit, Sony actually decided to cater to social justice warriors, political correctness, and feminism- and guess what- the film totally flopped. Not only is it the most disliked trailer on youtube, but people who don’t even care about feminism can plainly see the film makes no sense and it sucks. In this very level-headed evaluation of the film, he NEVER mentions social justice or feminism, and explains why this film is a disaster in every aspect:

And if you are like me, you can plainly see that the original Ghostbusters had an all male cast, and was a hit masterpiece that pulled a box office of $300 Million against a budget of $30 Million. This new one has an all female cast of man hating bitches who aren’t funny and have no talent, and at the end of the film as so I’m told, they all rip a man’s balls off.


Here is the trailer with 1 million dislikes, go ahead and dislike it:


Will ‘my son wears dresses’ Smith

Both Will Smith’s kids are gender fluid. Don’t raise your kids in America people. This is the new cool.

The son:

Thank You So Much @louisvuitton And @nicolasghesquiere For The Opportunity To Impact This World. |||

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His 14 year old daughter:


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A bunch of brainwashed zombies

Kids in the west are a bunch of brainwashed zombies who can’t think for themselves. The mind control for kids is the video games, and for adults its the news and media. One example of this is the Pokemon Go craze.  While I used to be a hardcore gamer myself, I realize my life now is completely superior to my life before. I am no longer a slave to my smartphone, headphones, or technology. In general, life in Ukraine is superior to life in America in many ways. I have achieved my ambitions and I live such an eventful, awe-inspiring life. Visiting beautiful cities, having new experiences, and having relations with beautiful women. Thank God I had the courage to break free from the Matrix.